The Benefits of Korean Massage

But there is a catch. The popularity of Korean massage is growing worldwide. There are less than 10,000 legally blind masseurs working in the country. The government is cracking down on unlicensed massage shops. According to reports, the ban violates equality and is leading visually impaired masseurs to commit suicides. Thankfully, the Korean government recently passed an amendment in the Medical Act that protects legally blind masseurs.

Korean massage is a traditional Chinese medicine-based therapy that has many benefits for the body. Massage is a great way for the body to release toxins and tension. This is especially helpful for those who spend hours typing. This massage is great for anyone with arm, wrist, and hand pain. It is particularly effective in treating carpal tunnel syndrome. Korean massage uses a combination of Shiatsu, Thai, and Swedish massage techniques.

A massage is one of the most sought-after forms of treatment in Korea due to its therapeutic benefits. Massages used to be performed only by men, but now they can be given by anyone. This has led to a rise in demand for Korean massage therapists. These Massage Jeddah therapists offer a unique experience that many other massage types cannot match. The experience is also customized to each client.

Another type of Korean massage involves foot and hand reflexology. To relieve stress and muscle tension, the feet are rubbed on the back of your neck and abdomen. The hands are used for stimulating pressure points on the fingers and hand that correspond to different parts of the body. The hands are then gently massaged to loosen tight muscles. Full body massage, also known as culjanganma in Korean, is another popular type of massage. This massage technique uses oil. Clients are required to take off all clothing during the session.

A Korean massage is about 45 U.S. Dollars. The price range for Korean massage is comparable to other types of massaging, which range between $10 and $100. There are many Korean massage therapists with different levels of experience and quality. Massage effects are subjective and depend on the skill and experience of the therapist. Depending on who is receiving the massage, the experience can be more or less intense.